ClickFunnels Pricing Plan & Table – What’s the best cost of Clickfunnels?

Today we are going to discuss Clickfunnels pricing packages. As you may know, Clickfunnels offers two different prices. The basic package starts at $ 97 a month and the Etison suite at $ 297 a month.

So let’s quickly talk about the differences between ClickFunnels pricing plans and see what you get for the different plans.

ClickFunnels Pricing

Number of active funnels

First, with the $ 97 plan a month, you can only use 20 active funnels a month, each time. This does not mean that you can not have more than 20 funnels in your account; this means that you can only use 20 active funnels at a time.

At $ 297 a month, Clickfunnels Etison pricing plan, you get unlimited value. So, if you have to run more than that, you will need to upgrade.

Number of funnel steps

The next is the number of pages that are funnel steps. In the Clickfunnels pricing plan of $ 97 a month, you can run a hundred pages or funnel steps at a time, and the Etison package of $ 297 a month is unlimited, so I do not see why you would need to run over a hundred pages a month, but again, if you have to, go to the $ 297 plan a month.

What is the monthly quota of visitors?

The number of visitors a month that your site receives is another vital thing to consider. For example, in the $ 97 per month plan, you can only generate 20,000 visitors for all your funnels per month. I did not run this amount on my funnels at this time per month, and it does roll over. If you only get 5,000 visitors this month, you will be able to receive 25,000 visitors per month in your funnels. Of course, the $ 297 option is for unlimited visits.

How many contacts can you have?

Depending on your ClickFunnels pricing plan, your contacts, who are anyone who subscribes to you or opt into your funnels, all the information you can capture from a specific funnel, have an unlimited number of people that you can set up inside your Clickfunnels account.

Can I use a custom domain?

Custom Domains, the $ 97 per month plan, can only use three custom domains for the funnels of your account and the Etison suite, which is a $ 297 monthly plan, you have unlimited domains.

Why choose the Etison plan?

Now let’s glance through the more significant features that are added to the $ 297 a month ClickFunnels pricing plan

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Integrated autoresponder

The first thing is actionetics, which is an integrated pre-built autoresponder. It is a built-in email autoresponder which is phenomenal, and it is as good as it gets for the $ 297 monthly plan. That’s what you get, and for the $ 97 plan a month you do not get it. You would need to go out and get a third party autoresponder from platforms like Aweber, Active campaign, or Getresponse. With the $ 297 monthly plan, you get actionetics.

Integrated Affiliate Program (Backpack)

Well, let’s say you have a clickfunnels affiliate program and you can manage all your affiliates. You can connect them to your funnel, and when they promote your product, you can keep track of all your affiliate commissions and things you need to pay them. You can also pay for them, so it’s a great resource.

How does the Clickfunnels pricing plan differ?

These are the differences between the two plans: the plan of $ 97 per month and the plan of $ 297, so with the plan of $ 97 per month; Just to make it quick, you get 20 active funnels, 100 active pages, 20,000 visitors a month, unlimited contacts and three custom domains.

With the $ 297 monthly plan, you benefit from the standard rate plan including an unlimited number of funnels, unlimited pages, unlimited visitors, unlimited contacts, unlimited custom domains, and pre-built email autoresponder actionetics.

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Funnel Builder Secrets and Funnel Hack System

In addition to standard Basic and Etison packages, these two packages have been made available by Clickfunnels to provide better options to subscribers.

Funnel Builder Secrets

The main pack of Funnel Builder Secrets is designed to hold everything anyone needs to hit the floor running with ClickFunnels. This package is specially designed to help you, from writing copy to the creation of the funnel and make your cash when you start your funnel.

Everything you need to succeed in the world of funnels using Clickfunnels is in this package, and you do not need to buy other tools to create a funnel.

The ClickFunnels members of the $ 97 / month plan (the start-up plan) are limited to 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 monthly visitors to their accounts.

When you start with the Funnel Builder Secrets, ClickFunnels offers access to the enterprise plan or the Etison suite for $ 297 / month, which means you have an unlimited number of funnels, unlimited traffic, an unlimited number of pages for 6-12 months (depending on the package you select).

And you also have access to:


A feature which enables you to design affiliate programs that you can use to advertise your product and generate more sales.


Actionetics is a feature that enables you to create a fully automated email effort in which different prospects are targeted on multiple lists based on their actions. Also, you can even send personalized emails to each email list or contribute.

The Funnel Hacks Master-Class (value of $ 1,997)

Funnel Hacks System is training and guides designed to help you get the most out of your ClickFunnels experience. The lesson will explain how to reverse engineer of profitable sales funnels for your business.

Funnel Hacks will teach you everything you need to funnel hack your competition. What works for them? How much do they earn? And how to get better results from your competitors!

Funnel Builder Secrets Training Course ($ 997 value)

This course presents each of the technical tips – most of the training you will need to create successful sales funnels. Understand the different types of funnels and the plan behind them.

Traffic Secrets ($ 1,997 value)

A comprehensive course that summarizes the strategies of 125 different targeted visitors sources for your own business …

In Funnel Builder Secrets 10X Presentation, Russell covers John Reese and his best marketing course “Traffic Secrets.” John Reese earned a million dollars a day by selling Traffic Secrets …

Russell Brunson bought the John Reese company to offer it in this Funnel Builder Secrets offer!

Twelve months of access to funnel scripts ($ 497 value)

Funnel scripts are scripts that write each of your sales copy to you personally, whether it’s a title, ads, webinar slides, a sales copy and anything else you can imagine …

With Funnel Builder Secrets, you have access to Funnel scripts for one year.

ClickStart Coaching ($ 9,997 value)

To make sure you’re not alone on this particular trip, ClickFunnels will connect you to a ClickStart Representative who will get on the phone in a separate private session.

The Clickstart Coach will guide you through a series of steps to identify your business, your target audience, and think about a strategic plan to maximize your business results. You will then be guided through an eight-part tutorial on your path to financial security through well-designed and well-executed funnels.

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Funnel Builder Secrets Pricing

You’ll find three selections to start using Funnel Builder’s secrets. 1,997 USD, 2,997 USD and 5,997 USD.


The two most popular options will be $ 1,997 and $ 2,997 packages …

The most significant difference between the $ 2,997 and $ 1,997 packages are in the additional six months of the ClickFunnels Enterprise plan valued at $ 2,997, which means you benefit from the full year of the Enterprise plan.

The $ 5,997 package is also available to anyone looking for additional private ClickStart training.

Funnel Hack systems

This package includes a ton of value, including:


Six months of the Clickfunnels business plan, which would typically cost $ 1,782.

The six weeks Funnel Hacks Masterclass, which will teach you how to master funnels and offers, will explain exactly how to succeed and be profitable with Clickfunnels.

Instant traffic hacks which teach you how to drive traffic on your funnels to get prospects / opt-ins, create your email list and sell products regardless of the market you’re working on.

Inception Secrets, which consists of copying / pasting sales scripts into your funnel (one of the most challenging things to do in my opinion!)

The SOAP and Seinfeld email sequences, which are templates and sequences to help you market and sell to your prospects after registration. Email marketing can be difficult, and I know that many marketers leave here, leaving a ton of money on the table. With these, you are ready to go in minutes.

It’s a good deal because Funnel Hacks sells for $ 997, but the value and tools you get are easily worth 100 times. That’s why I recommend that newcomers get started and grow their businesses with it.

Final Reflections:

Now that you’ve seen the Clickfunnels price list, you know it’s a good value. However, they have a free trial, so ClickFunnels allows you to get started with it. It’s great because you can get used to navigating a platform that can be new to you even without having to worry about Clickfunnels pricing.

Both ClickFunnels pricing plans, which include the ClickFunnels Etison Suite, and the ClickFunnels Basic Option comes with a 30-day trial.

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