Funnel Builder Secret Review & Price – training , masterclass , lite

Funnel Builder Secret Review & Price – training , masterclass , lite

Funnel Builder Secrets replaces Funnel Hacks to offer even more products, as well as ClickFunnels special discounts to help you succeed. I will cover all this in this review.

Funnel Builder Secrets provides all the tools and training necessary for entrepreneurs ready to develop their business online but who do not want to have all the worries of creating a blog, maintenance, integration of a payment processor, an email autoresponder, the stress of hiring a programmer and do not want to be hacked!

So, if you are an entrepreneur and you have a message to share with the world, but you do not understand the technology, the funnel builder secrets is designed for you.

By the time you have completed all the training, you will be able to set up a world-class marketing system.

And … You can make use of this training course even if you do not know the product you want to promote.

Funnel Builder Secret is an exciting new offer launched by Russell Brunson at Clickfunnels. The opportunities are that you’ve heard of Clickfunnels and Russell Brunson, whether you’re running an online organization or just marketing in online gaming.

As innovation progress and websites become less valuable, it is essential that you already have an effective sales funnel to continue and evolve in this competitive world. However, creating a sales funnel so that it converts and brings traffic to paying customers is a masterpiece.

It’s easy to understand the use of powerful marketing funnel software, such as Clickfunnels; However, it is meaningless if your funnel does not transform the incoming traffic or, better yet, if you can not get the traffic corresponding to your funnel.

Every entrepreneur understands that the basis of any organization must have three essential components; it is:

  • Product or service (perhaps yours or someone else’s).
  • Target audience.
  • A way to turn your target market into loyal customers.

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You will have an untouchable business if you get all three parts correctly. It does not matter whether you have an online business, runs a real business, promotes other people’s products through affiliate offers, or offer a consulting service; the three elements apply. In other words, to succeed in what you do (commercially), you must master the three elements.

However, a study shows that many services stop working due to excessive concentration of one or two components, which does not work for them.

Russell Brunson, respected business owner and expert in online marketing; recognize this truth.

For him, being the owner and founder of one of the most popular funnel software applications in the world does not satisfy him, he wants to make sure that all Clickfunnels members have what they need to create an effective online service.

Our review of Funnel Builder Secrets offers a detailed review of this popular upgrade to the ClickFunnels experience. Read on to discover if the package is right for you.

Managing a successful business implies knowing where and when to make the appropriate investments. In the era of digital marketing, the best things to do is focus on a strong online presence. This will maximize your reach to more customers and separate you from your competitors.

To establish your online presence, you probably need at least a functional website. The good thing to hear is that there are currently many tools designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners build these sites without having to deal with the stress of coding and maintaining a functional platform.

After all, you already have plenty on your plate.

A good example is ClickFunnels. This website builder makes it incredibly easy to create a professional website for selling products and services. The package is quite comprehensive and includes many tools designed to provide you with all the additional information and skills you need to move your business forward.

Although ClickFunnels is the flagship product of the company, several add-ons and updates are available to make it even more powerful. One of them is known as Funnel Builder Secrets. In this comprehensive review of Funnel Secrets Builder, we offer everything you need to decide whether or not this is a program that can work for you.

What is funnel builder secrets?

When Rusell Brunson was giving a presentation at Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth lecture in 2018, the inspiration for his Funnel Builder Secrets came to him. His presentation lasted 90 minutes and brought together 9,000 entrepreneurs and business owners.

His presentation included steps (from start to finish) on how to succeed online and ten times your business. Throughout the discussion, he has given many valuable secrets that will surely benefit any business owner seeking not only to improve his business but also to increase it.

The good aspect is that you can always get what he said and learn from this discussion. As he concluded with the discussion, Russell offered the public an offer too big to be real for anyone looking to expand his business.

The result …?

They all wanted to use the Funnel Builder Secrets. Because the deal was excellent, after the occasion, Clickfunnels received numerous e-mails from people who had heard about this offer but could not attend the 10X Growth Con.

People have begged Russell to make this offer to everyone, although it would be much better for a limited time than not. To meet the needs of the public, Russell Brunson and his Clickfunnels team, however, allowed everyone to access the Funnel Builder Secret Builder deal, for a limited time.

Where did it all begin?

Now that you know what Funnel Builder Secrets is, let’s go back to the past, where it all started. Funnel Builder Secrets is the idea of Russell Brunson. In 2015, he founded a company called Etison LLC. It is from this that ideas such as ClickFunnels and other products such as Funnel Builder Secrets have been cultivated and perfected.

He alone has revolutionized the business world by finding ways to make the art of e-commerce manageable for businesses of all sizes.

The FBS package is one of the last products of the company and focuses more on educating the business owner than just handling out another shortcut to e-commerce. The goal is to make sure that you have not only the tools but also the knowledge to make the most of them.

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Funnel Builder Secrets – The Information

Generally, Funnel Builder Secrets is a basic product package that companies need to stay online. This deal is easily available via three different cost points; 1,997 USD, 2,997 USD, and 5,997 USD.

A mass of people can believe; It is very expensive! Well yes and no. Because … First of all, what you get with the Funnel Builder Secrets.

  • 12 or 6 months of Clickfunnels Enterprise plan.
  • Funnel Builder Secrets.
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass.
  • Access to funnel scripts for 12 months.
  • Traffic Secret Membership.
  • Enormous funnel benefits.

Suppose you have to buy each of these products separately; Usually, you will invest $ 11,552 in total. So what are these elements of the Funnel Builder Secrets Pack?

1. The ClickFunnels Enterprise plan

The undeniable fact is that if you want to develop Funnels Online, you will need, as usual, an effective funnel software application package, for example. Clickfunnels. With Clickfunnels, your basic account is $97 and the enterprise account, which is $ 297. With this offer, you instantly receive the Enterprise Account, which includes:

  • pipeline
  • wasabi
  • backpack
  • Actionetics
  • Etison Suite

2. Funnel Hacks Masterclass

Funnel Hacks Masterclass is a simple Russell training course, conducted for six weeks. The course guides you step by step with all the tips you need to know what is converting well online. Also, you will know where the competitors are acquiring their traffic, what they sell, how they offer, and how the funnels are created.

3. Funnel builder secrets

Funnel Builder Secrets is a contract that includes Russell Brunson’s training, as well as access to his Clickfunnels software and Funnel Scripts. In this course, you will discover all the technical knowledge needed to build a high-converting power funnel.

One of the benefits of this is that you can use the course to hone your skills and you become a major funnel builder. If you have a team responsible for creating your funnel, you can give them this lesson.

4. Traffic Secrets Subscription

Honestly, if you possess the best funnel in the world but you can not get traffic, you’re just wasting your time.

With Traffic Secrets Subscription (which is a lifetime subscription to Russell traffic-getting courses), you can see 125 variations of getting traffic to your funnels. In short, start with one and develop it. After that, move on to the next and do the same thing, and so on until you have taken control of your market.

5. Access to funnel scripts for 12 months

Building the best-established funnel and generating traffic; however, if the words used in your newsletters, emails, sales pages, and even landing pages are incorrect; you will not make any sales.

Fortunately, Russell has included advanced software that can compose all your copies for you. This also includes sales copy, ad titles, newsletters, emails, and your titles.

With Funnel Scripts, the only thing you are required to do is type in your precise niche and feed it with the necessary info about your group. In a few seconds, it will create all the copies for you. In addition to all this, you can also choose from many different scripts.

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6. Unrestricted funnel rewards

Generally, There is a limitation to the number of funnels that Clickfunnels allows you to develop. The standard plan, which costs $ 97 per month, allows you to build twenty funnels.

With the Full Etison suite, you can build 70 funnels. When you buy Funnel builder secrets, you will receive an unlimited number of funnels in your account.

Let’s see now what you get in the Funnel Builder Secrets package


The first option of $1,997 you get

  • 6 months of ClickFunnels Enterprise (value $3,5564)
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass (value $1,997)
  •  Funnel Builder Secrets Training (value $997)
  •  Traffic Secrets Membership (value $1,997)
  • 12 months access to Funnel Scripts (value $2,997)
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The next option of $2,997 gets you the following

  • 12 months of ClickFunnels Enterprise (value $7,128)
  •  Funnel Hacks Masterclass (value $1,997)
  •  Funnel Builder Secrets Training (value $997)
  •  Traffic Secrets Membership (value $1,997)
  •  12 months access to Funnel Scripts (value $2,997)
  •  Unlimited Funnels Bonus
  •  30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The highest level of $5,997 gets you the following

  •  8 ClickStart Coaching Calls (value $9,997)
  •  12 months of ClickFunnels Enterprise (value $7,128)
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass (value $1,997)
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training (value $997)
  • Traffic Secrets Membership (value $1,997)
  • 12 months access to Funnel Scripts (value $2,997)
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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When you choose the $ 1,997 package, you receive what has been mentioned above for six months. With the $ 2,997 package, you will receive what has been mentioned above for 12 months. The monthly difference is the only difference between the two schemes.

If you are looking for additional aid, you have the option to opt for the $ 5,997 plan. You will benefit from all of the above, as well as an 8-week coaching calls by Clickfunnels support specialists.

As you can see, this offer would not just give you access to the ClickFunnels software so you could be lost and not know what to do in the next 6 to 12 months.

But instead, it contains a lot of things that can guarantee your building of the “dream” Million Dollar funnel and join the 2comma club and your GOLDEN plated shiny award!

Which is everybody’s earnest desire… as well as me!

The second plan is a plan with the most effective monetary value if you ask from me, as you receive an additional six months worth $ 1,782 for $ 1,000.

And also, the same benefits you can get in the third plan ($ 5,997) plus the eight ClickStart coaching calls that can be an undertaking offer if you want a one on one coaching and training sessions from Russell Brunson and his world-class coaches.

In case you speculate on all these bonuses and this training …

…Let’s see what you have to gain and how they will help you reach the $ 1 million sales mark, using a single funnel.

If you want to take your service to the next level, start today with Funnel Builder Secrets.

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Funnel Hack System – A better alternative to Funnel Builder Secrets

It’s impossible to succeed online today without understanding how to produce effective marketing funnels.

Today, there is no better program to learn how to create funnels than the Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks webinar.

ClickFunnels was created by Russell Brunson to create an online marketing empire of $ 100 million a year. Most of it was built based on marketing funnels that he helped to innovate.

Russell Brunson is also the creator of Traffic Hacks and DotCom Secrets.

The Funnel Hacks system originates directly from Russell and his ClickFunnels team.

Funnel Hacks provides unprecedented information and access to the type of marketing data that Russell and its marketers use to extract incredible profits from all their online marketing campaigns.

At the same time, one can be a little skeptical about the promises that online programs offer today.

There are many modern day snake oil salesmen selling anything but legitimate solutions while promising the moon and the stars.

The Funnel Hacks goes beyond more traditional training programs.

Not only do you get a six-week lecture on how to leverage and optimize ClickFunnels, but also give you access to …

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In the end, when you choose to invest in the Funnels Hacks webinar, you get all kinds of advanced training systems from ClickFunnels.

These solutions have been proven to work “straight from the box,” giving you an almost unfair advantage and an edge over your competitors.

Funnel Hack Pricing

Let’s look at the price of this system and see if it suits your situation!

You can effortlessly pay for the Funnel Hacks program without having to turn your bank account into tiny pieces along the way.

Paying only $ 997 in total is cheap, considering what you get in this ClickFunnels package.

When you add up the value of ALL you obtain by purchasing the Funnel Hacks program, you start seeing how inexpensive and profitable it becomes.

Combine that with the efficiency with which your marketing funnels will be almost overnight, it becomes obvious.

For whom is this?

Look, if you want to start an online business or grow your business, you have to start making use of funnels! I wish this Funnel Hacks review can help you decide if this is right for you, so this is who I recommend getting this:

  • Affiliate marketers who want to create a mailing list and promote products
  •  Local businesses seeking to attract more customers
  • Courses and creators of online products who must sell their products
  •  e-commerce store owners who want to evolve
  • Social media marketing agencies that want to acquire customers.
  •  Anyone who wants to build an email list
  •  any those who wishing to organize webinars
  • Anyone wishing to create landing pages

The list continues…

If you manage any business online, you will have to start using funnels sooner or later.

ClickFunnels is the best software to use.

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What you get from funnel hacks

Okay, let’s talk about what you get in detail because it would not be a review without this information!

6-month ClickFunnels Enterprise Account ($ 1782 value)

As a general rule, the Etison Suite account costs $ 297 / month if you buy outside Funnel Hacks. With this offer today, you will receive six months included for $ 997 plus what is included below.

This will allow you to create all kinds of funnels in ClickFunnels, including …

  • Complete sales funnels
  • Lead magnets
  • Affiliate Marketing Funnels
  • product launches
  • Evergreen Webinars
  • Webinars
  • Membership sites

This will provide you with all the tools required to create incredible online marketing funnels for your business!

Six weeks Funnel Hack masterclass ($ 2,997)

This is a ClickFunnels training course showing you exactly how you can build all of the funnels listed above and more!

This will help you create your funnel and then put it into practice to start making money online using ClickFunnels and sales funnels.

Instant traffic hacks ($ 1,997)

This ClickFunnels course will show you exactly how to drive traffic to your funnels! It covers a variety of traffic channels, including SEO, affiliate marketing, social media, and so on.

Inception Secrets ($ 1,997)

Inception Secrets teaches you how to write an amazing sales copy for your funnels.

Learning how to do this is a skill that you should learn because it can increase the sales of your business. ClickFunnels has covered this by offering you this training.

SOAP and Seinfeld Email Sequences ($ 997)

This course will explain how to create high converting e-mail sequences that earn you money! ClickFunnels and the SOAP method facilitate this.

This is essential when trying to convert people to sales. You want to exploit the power of emails to persuade them to sell.

What is inside Actionetics?

Actionetics is the ClickFunnels email automation platform. Email creation and management have never been easier with Actionetics. You can also target action-based emails to make everything highly focused and specific.

You automatically upgrade to Actionetics by purchasing Funnel Hacks.

What’s in the ClickFunnels backpack?

Backpack allows you to set up an affiliate system with ClickFunnels so others can promote your funnel for you!

You can earn more than $ 10,000 a month from affiliates who promote your products, funnels, etc. It’s a must-have!

You can build an army of affiliates that give you money 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and promote your product or service!

Is this the real deal?

As we have often pointed out in this article, the Funnel Hacks masterclass was created by one of the famous online marketers of all time in Russell Brunson.

His company currently receives more than $ 100 million a year through programs such as Funnel Hacks and ClickFunnels.

He helps his customers and Funnel Hacks members leverage their insights, knowledge, and experience to millions and millions more.

Funnel Hacks comes with a 90-day money back guarantee without any conditions.

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your Funnel Hacks program, you can claim a refund and receive every penny you paid without a headache or discomfort.

You can not beat that, right?

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Is Funnel Hack System right for you?

If you already have ClickFunnels, then you should jump on it now because the business is too good to pass.

If you do not have ClickFunnels, but want to participate, this transaction may be for you, based on your knowledge.

In the end, this system helps people around the world to make a lot of money, including myself, so make it work.

Take the lead and crush 2019 with its incredible funnel and the drive you will get from the system!

Clickfunnels also integrates with all your favorite online applications to help you evolve faster.

The Final Reflections: Funnel Builder Secrets

The Good

  • You receive a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • You have full access to a network of experts whose experience will be useful.
  • There are several training portals that you can take advantage of.
  • You can learn from Russell Brunson himself.

The Bad

  • It’s not cheap upfront. However, you are required to obtain a profitable return on investment.
  • It only concerned serious people about their growth (no tire return allowed!)

This Funnel Builder Secret review reveals a very clear thing: this package is worth the investment.

All the information and tools you have access to do more than justify the price. So, if you take your business seriously to the next level via ClickFunnels, you can not ignore Funnel Builder Secrets.

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