ClickFunnels discounts & Special Offer- Get It For $19 or $37 or 55% off

Getting a Clickfunnels discount is easy,  here you’ll learn the tricks for accessing the $ 19 plan.

But the best value for cash is hidden in the high ticket offers. Offer you not only a big discount but also crazy training and great value.

Clickfunnels (CF) is the most fantastic tool as a service product that you will come across. But before making use of the application and realize how amazing it is, you may decide to try it.

Clickfunnels Discounts – The Ultimate Guide

I hope this guide will enlighten your quest to find the best discount on Clickfunnels. But before we start talking about the various tips, you have to keep one thing in mind. Clickfunnels has a basic level of $ 97 and a level of $ 297, called Enterprise Plan. Also, the Clickfunnels Enterprise plan includes not only Clickfunnels but also Backpack and Actionetics.

The backpack is your affiliate program (comes in handy if you possess your own products/services).

Actionetics is an email autoresponder service and action funnel

You are in the right place. Here are some tips to get a fantastic discount on Clickfunnels, including the $ 19 Clickfunnels package.

But instead of concentrating more on getting the most significant reduction, look for the option that has the most value. I prefer the Funnel Builder Secrets Package.

Different tactics to get a discount on Clickfunnels

So, how can you find a way to get your discount? There are different ways, but they are usually divided into two separate paths.

But they offer discounts in several ways. One solution is to get package deals that Clickfunnels has provided. However, the opposite way is to access secret plans with a discount.

Also, I want to remind you that these plans have limits. Limits on visits, funnels, pages, etc.

As you will probably build several funnels, you should consider this.

ClickFunnels Share Funnel Pricing Plan for $ 19

If you’re aware of the $ 19 ClickFunnels plan, you’re among the few people. ClickFunnels does not publicize this plan, and the only way to find out more is to use the Internet or hide in Facebook groups that talk about ClickFunnels.

As a general rule, ClickFunnels costs $ 97 a month for the basic package and $ 297 a month for the Enterprise plan (provided with the autoresponder and the affiliate program).

But you can acquire ClickFunnels for only $ 19 a month.

This $ 19 price plan for Clickfunnels is semi-secret and is not disclosed publicly by the ClickFunnels team, but this plan has certain limitations.

The disadvantage of this plan is that you can only have three funnels and ten landing pages.

These funnels must be shared with you by someone else. You can not edit and use these funnels, and you will not be able to add new funnels or landing pages.

The $ 19 ClickFunnels Plan is a great plan for any tight budget who wants the power of a sales funnels created by ClickFunnels or who only needs one opt-in page or website.

With the ClickFunnels Share Funnel Plan, you can access ClickFunnels for only $ 19 a month.

To subscribe to the ClickFunnels share funnel plan, you must click on the Share Funnel link of someone else and enter your email address and password for the free trial. Next, you must check the box “Limited shared funnels only” to access the share funnel plan.

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What are the features provided by the $19 ClickFunnels plan?

The basic suite of ClickFunnels offers several features. You can create funnels, add pages, delete pages, sales pages, have up to 100 pages, and keep up to twenty funnels in your account. You have all the features except Backpack and Actionetics.

The $ 19 plan makes room for only three funnels. There are also limitations in functionality with these funnels. You can not delete or add pages. You can not build your new funnels. The only method to place funnels in your account is by getting the funnel of others using a “share funnel link.”

After clicking on a share funnel link, the link will redirect you to your ClickFunnel account and will load the funnel directly into the funnel area. Once uploaded, you can access it within seconds.

If you do not own a ClickFunnels account yet, ClickFunnels will require you to set up your account, and you can select the $ 19 option.

ClickFunnels discounts – How do you find a share funnel?

Finding share funnel is not so difficult. The key is to find the ones you want, that will work for you. Because you can not delete or add pages, make sure they are as close to what you want as you want.

One thing you may do is start with a basic share funnel. You can upload them, create your account, and learn how they work and what they contain. So you can do one of the following things when you know more about what you are doing.

You can carry out some research on Google for share funnels. You can also ask someone to create your funnel, step by step, and then ask them to share it with you. Generally, people will charge between $ 50 and $ 1,000. Or more.

ClickFunnels discounts – $37 USD Plan

When you sign up for Clickfunnels, you only have two options: the $ 97 / month plan and the $ 297 / month Etison suite. However, there is a personal “secret” plan, in which you can get it for only $ 37 / month. This is the simplest way, and it allows you to make funnels and installation pages according to your needs.

Here’s how you can get the $ 37 plan:

First stage

Sign up for the ClickFunnels account. It shows $ 97 a month, but do not worry, after implementing this trick, you will not have to cover

Second step

Continue to account> account billing> cancel my accounts

Well, we are not canceling our accounts. Otherwise, it will not make any sense to create them. What we are doing is clicking on “cancel my subscription.”

Then you will be shown three different “offers.”

Private plan of 37 USD per month – you can create up to 5 funnels, 20 pages, 5,000 visits

$ 67 per month Bootstrap Plan – you can create about 5 to 10 funnels, 50 pages, 10,000 visits

$ 9.00 monthly break – they book your subdomain pages and funnels, but you can not change or add anything.

ClickFunnels Discount 55 off Although you do not need to pay $ 97 or maybe $ 297, you can start at $ 37 a month without limitation, like shared funnels.

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ClickFunnels discounts 3 – Funnel Builder Secrets

The Startup ClickFunnels costs $ 97 a month, and the Etison suite costs $ 297 a month.

However, there is a better deal than that.

Russell Brunson (co-founder of ClickFunnels) has a legal package in which he offers an incredible discount offer on ClickFunnels called 10X Funnel Builder Secrets.

The 10X Funnel Builder Secrets offers funnel hacking and funnel building training, as well as FREE 1-YEAR FREE access to ClickFunnels Etison (typically $ 297 per month) and many more incredible bonuses for just $ 2,997.

This implies that there is no ClickFunnels monthly payment after getting this amazing offer.

For $ 2,997, you’ll get not only 12 free months of ClickFunnels ClickFunnels Full Suite (which would cost $ 3,564 if you choose to purchase ClickFunnels a month), but many other amazing bonuses and benefits.

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10X Funnel Builder Secrets comes with the following:


Funnel Hacks MasterClass [Value: $ 2,997]

This is a six-week training course that teaches you how to enter people’s funnels, which funnels work, how much money they generate, where to find people to funnel hack and more.

12 full months of ClickFunnels Enterprise plan [$ 3,564 value]

As a general rule, the ClickFunnels Enterprise plan account costs $ 297 a month; However, when you purchase 10X Funnel Builder Secrets, you purchase a 12-month subscription for only $ 2,997.

Funnel Builder Secrets

This is a comprehensive training that teaches you all the necessary technical information before starting to build a funnel. As part of the training, you’ll uncover everything about webinar funnels, opt-in funnels, sales funnels, auto-webinar funnels, membership sites, product launch funnels, and more.

Funnel Scripts [Value: $ 497]

Funnel Scripts is an application created by ClickFunnels that records all your sales copies for you. You can use it to write your webinar slides, titles, ads, emails, and more in less than 10 minutes.

Traffic Secrets [Value: $ 1,997]

This training course teaches everything you wish to know (up to 125 ways) to acquire multichannel traffic and direct it to your funnels. Also, you will learn more about effective traffic channels such as SEO, social media, affiliate marketing, and more.

10X BONUS: ClickFunnels unlimited account

Normally, ClickFunnels only lets you create about 70 funnels with the Etison suite; However, if you buy the secrets of 10X Funnel Builder, you will receive the unlimited account of ClickFunnels as a bonus.

With this ClickFunnels account, you can build unlimited funnels and have unlimited traffic on your funnels.

10X BONUS: ClickStart Coaching

Russell Brunson will provide you with a coach who will guide you by the hand, help you grow your business by giving you priority support.


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ClickFunnels discounts 4- Funnel hacking system

The funnel hack goes beyond the more traditional funnel training programs.

Not only do you get a six-week lecture on how to leverage and optimize ClickFunnels, but also give you access to …


In the end, when you choose to invest in the Funnels Hacks webinar, you get all kinds of advanced training systems from ClickFunnels.

These proven solutions have proven themselves and work “straight from the box,” giving you an almost unfair advantage and an edge over your competitors.

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Conclusion: How do you get the best deal on ClickFunnels?

Before posting the best deal on the ClickFunnel pricing plans I’ve described above, you need to make sure you need the software before you decide.

Once you realize that ClickFunnels is right for your business, try the 14-day free trial for hands-on software experience.

After starting the 14-day trial, Russell will take you by the hand and show you how to create a funnel through a series of video tutorials easily.

Good news: If you can view the four half-length tutorials before the end, you will receive the FREE Funnel Builder Secrets Lite course, the perfect email funnel template, and ClickFunnel Funnel Hacker t-shirt!

If you are satisfied with the excellence offered by the software, I recommend you to subscribe to 10X Funnel Builder Secrets, which offers 12 months of ClickFunnels Etison Suite for only $ 2,997, as well as training and attractive bonuses from Russell Brunson himself.

With the ClickFunnels account for 12 months, you will have:

  •  The six-week Funnel Hacks Masterclass…
  •  The Funnel Builder Secrets course…
  •  Lifetime access to Traffic Secrets…
  •  Twelve months’ Access to Funnel Scripts.
  •  A Total Value Of $11,552!

Also, you receive both 10X bonuses (ClickFunnels Unlimited account and ClickStart Coaching account). All for only $ 2,997.

This is the best offer on ClickFunnels, and you will save a lot of money to invest in your funnel traffic.

However, if you want to try it for a short time, you can opt for the $ 97 monthly subscription plan for the ClickFunnels start-up plan or the $ 297 monthly subscription plan for the ClickFunnels Enterprise plan.

If you want to use ClickFunnels but cannot afford the subscription fee, the $ 19 plan is right for you.

As I mentioned earlier, ClickFunnels does not do much advertising on the ClickFunnels share funnel plan at $ 19 per month. This plan is limited and restricted in many features.

First, you can not create funnels or landing pages. You can only edit the funnel that you have uploaded to your account.

Second, the plan allows you to have up to three funnels and ten landing pages shared with you by someone on ClickFunnels.

To obtain this plan, you must click on a share funnel link of a current ClickFunnels user, and you will be directed to the location where you can sign up for ClickFunnels.

When you sign up, check the “limited shared funnels only” box and you have activated the ClickFunnels $ 19 share funnel plan.

Your credit card will be charged at $ 19 after the 14-day trial.

So which ClickFunnels pricing plan will you follow?

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